DLA is a specialist in logistics in the pharmaceutical sector, and its entire line of operation and organisation of activities has been designed from the outset to operate in the outpatient market, hospital and over-the-counter sales outlets. This genesis allows us to offer the most complete and targeted package of services on the market, able to meet the needs of each client.

DLA Farmacêutica offers its customers the opportunity to establish logistical partnerships tailored to each company’s strategy, and can assume the role of distribution partner (with a service that includes billing and collection) or partner for the provision of logistics services.

With these options, pharmaceutical companies can focus on their core business with the confidence of having secure and complete logistics in accordance with Good Distribution Practices for Medicinal Products.


DLA Pharmaceuticals' mission is:

  • Conquistar e manter a confiança e a satisfação dos nossos colaboradores, dos nossos clientes, outros parceiros e da sociedade em geral.
  • To take care of our depositing customers products knowing clearly what they are and the purpose for which they are intended;
  • To mobilise employees to meet the organisation's objectives, continually improving the effectiveness of the implemented Integrated Management System;
  • Privilege teamwork;
  • To comply with legal and other requirements applicable to our pharmaceutical activities;
  • To ensure the technological development of the organisation, preventing damage to the health and safety of employees;
  • To achieve and maintain the trust and satisfaction of our employees, our customers, other partners and society in general.


One step from the laboratory to the pharmacy.

To establish and optimise the distribution channel that represents the fastest, most reliable, safest and most economic route to the end customer and to micro or small companies on a European scale operating in the healthcare sector, always providing the best conditions of safety and hygiene to our collaborators and safeguarding identical conditions for contracted service providers.


DLA is governed by the generic values established in the Azevedos Group code of conduct. In the specific nature of its activity, DLA integrates them as follows:

  • Ethical values: Ethical values guide all our actions and behaviour. They form the foundation on which we build mutual trust within DLA Farmacêutica and towards management;
  • Altruism and Loyalty: We are willing to serve public health above all interests including personal ones. We pledge loyalty to this cause, to our company and to our colleagues;
  • Truth: we provide adequate, reliable and timely information about what we do;
  • Responsibility and Freedom: We responsibly assume the consequences of our actions;
  • Safety: we preserve the high level of safety of processes and installations, paying particular attention to the protection of employees, suppliers, customers and the local environment.

Professional values

We take professional values as the pillars of our competitive advantage, as a way of honouring our commitments and achieving our vision.

  • Customer orientation: we anticipate the needs and expectations of our customers with flexibility and speed.
  • Leadership: we ensure the motivation of all employees, exercise delegation and encourage teamwork.
  • Quality: we closely monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes.
  • Innovation: We apply an attitude of constructive process criticism as a platform for our vision.
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